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Website Development

The Visual Portfolio presented by the website had to deliver a design style that I am using as a Graphic Designer. On the other hand, I had demonstrated several projects from the University, and few minor side projects, that I am doing in my free time and as a freelancer.

Design Concept

The Design Concept has changed slightly over the years, which I had presented at a Gallery. Over time, I decided to upgrade a website to be modern style looking, and future-proofed, which will enable my website to be accessible by everyone.

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Over the years, I have taught myself the use of HTML and CSS, which helped me during the development of the website. With every year coming, I defined myself a goal to push boundaries even further. I can see a vast gap between the version from 2019 and 2021, and I am still going to support this website with another set of features.


As of 2021, I have made a website future-proofed, which means I have created several CSS Media Queries, which will change a website depending on the viewport size (Mobile, Full HD, 4K). I had included minor changes to resolve glitches that occur when resizing a website.

Project Overview Design
CSS Code Example
HTML and CSS Code Example

Bartek Wiatrek