Website Hero Image
Website Screenshot from 2019 - Home Page

30/01/2019 Home Page

The initial idea for the home page only considered University projects. The hero image was a gif that took high resources to process.

Website Screenshot from 2021 - Home Page

10/06/2021 Home Page

The design choice remained the same, but with a slight change in styling. Whereas, the hero image got an upgrade to a video instead.

Website Screenshot from 2019 - Project Page

30/01/2019 Project

The old version of the project site had a chaotic grid and outdated navigation.

Website Screenshot from 2021 - Project Page

10/06/2021 Project

I have redesigned a grid entirely, plus I made fixed navigation, with a simplified workaround.

Website Screenshot from 2019 - Gallery Page

30/01/2019 Gallery

The Gallery page was supposed to showcase the best designs that I have made.

Website Screenshot from 2021 - Gallery Page

10/06/2021 Gallery

However, I redesigned and incorporated it in to project page to demonstrate a story.

Website Screenshot from 2019 - About Me Page

30/01/2019 About Me

The about me was a big chunk of text that I had to refine to be more like a CV.

Website Screenshot from 2021 - About Me Page

10/06/2021 About Me

I have used a Project Layout with a clear version, plus I have added a download button for a CV.

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