Society, Security, Safety

The "Society, Security, Safety" Campaign was about informing people how to prevent being under surveillance. The animation demonstrated on specific occasions that by what or who is watching us.


The major part of the campaign was the Social Medias, which unfortunately is a source to interest people on the campaign. I create short footage on how the campaign would look on Instagram.

Surveilance Poster Design of Application

Mobile Application

The purpose of the mobile application was to track your every possible record that is on the internet. The application would not gather the information that you look for and would require you to verify your identity.

App Animation

I decided to animate the presentation of the mobile application to demonstrate the walkthrough of the mobile application. That might gather the attention of a bigger audience, especially the younger audience.

Surveilance Poster Design of Application 2

Informative Campaign

The informative campaign on surveillance was to inform about this that is a serious matter in our society.

Surveilance Poster Design of Application 3

Tack Your Record

The application needed marketing, and I had to inform how to use it.

Surveilance Poster Design of CCTV

Risks - CCTV

Risk of being caught by CCTV, we do not know what might happen later with that footage.

Surveilance Poster Design of People

Risks - People

We are being watched by other people, but not often that might be for our safety.

Bartek Wiatrek