Map Development for Jedi Academy

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is one of my childhood games, which I consider, the best games to this date, including its prequel. I always wondered how these games were developed and about the creative process behind them. Therefore, I stumbled upon what if I could make something for myself and the game's community, and here came the idea on how to use GTK Radiant Tool. Since I have developed my skills in software, I continued to create new and more complex environments, mostly based on the existing media or games, which can be seen on Gallery Page. I always considered mapping as a hobby, which helped me maintain my creative ideas.

Battlegrounds Map

GTKRadiant is a mapping tool for the IDTech based game engines. The one that I am working on is version 1.6.6 for IDTech 3 Game Engine.

Mapping Experience

The experience when I started this project was minimal, and as I went on with developing maps since 2017, I gained the necessary skills. The previous experience gained on mapping has made me decide to create my own game using Unreal Engine. The familiarity with one of the maps can be seen within Game Development Project.

STALKER Game Generators
War Lab/Common Consciousness from STALKER Game
Farming Frame Map from Payday 2

Bartek Wiatrek