Monopoly Map - 2022

Monopoly - Jedi Knight Edition - 2022

The Monopoly map is my recent map that is based on the Jedi Knight Series. I had to create all of the textures from scratch using Adobe Photoshop.

Chernobyl Power Plant - 2019

Chernobyl Power Plant - 2019

Chernobyl Power Plant map was heavily inspired by the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game. The Chernobyl map is my greatest attempt to create a vast environment map.

Power Arena from Dragon Ball Super

Power Arena - 2018

Power Arena map is based on the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power arena. The arena is second in its size after the Chernobyl map.

Framing Frame map from Payday 2 Game

Farming Frame - Payday 2 - 2017

The Framing Frame map is based on the map from Payday 2 game. It shows my beginning in the mapping environment, and thus that might be noticed by minimal attention to detail.

Battlegrounds Battle Royale Map

Battle Royale - Battlegrounds - 2019

Battlegrounds map was inspired by a rise of popularity in the Battle Royale genre. Therefore, I decided to develop such a map with Jedi Academy mechanics.

Duragrounds Battle Royale Map

Battle Royale - Duragrounds - 2021

Duragrounds is a sequel battle royale map with improved mechanics and different environment placement while still maintaining the original idea of battlegrounds map.

Dream Temple

Dream Temple Outside - 2018

The Dream Temple is my second biggest creation as I wanted to play with emotions and make a map that is mysterious in its look.

Inside Temple Level Design Screenshot

Dream Temple Inside - 2018

The same recreation of the map can be seen within the Game Development project, where I decided to recreate the map yet adapt it to develop its own story.

Bartek Wiatrek