Narration Development

What is the book about? The Metro 2033 was more about the adventure of the protagonist that wants to save his "Home Station" and People, who live on "Exhibition Station". It's about a heroe's journey. The Metro 2034 had a philosophical aspect of the Moscow Metro. The Metro 2035 had a human aspect, a meaningful moral of how truly people are cruel towards each other. This human aspect caught my attention, as people now are no different than these from the book.

Golden Cards Design for the Animation
Cards falling into abyss

After Effects

The software I had used for the development of the animation was Adobe After Effects and Adobe Illustrator. When combined, they are a powerful tool in the hand of a Graphic Designer. The previous knowledge of the software helped me understand and shape my skills in terms of animation, yet it defined me to be an expert in a sector.

The narration projected the illusion of the book using a metaphor of a Poker Game.

Kinetic Typography 1
Old 35mm Film Wokrshop Photo
Kinetic Typography 2

Bartek Wiatrek