The Analogue enhanced the animation as I did not have to rely entirely on Digital Assets. There were several occasions that I had used an analogue asset to develop a metaphor of the dystopian metro.

Animatic/Storyboard 1


The storyboard was a requirement as part of producing an animation for the reason that I had to define the art style specific for the narration. Moreover, I had to develop a correct flow between each frame.

Card Design for the Animation

Animation Art Style

The inspiration that I had for the animation was a metaphor for a Poker Game. The "Main Hero" of the book had to put everything at stake to seek out the truth, hidden behind the curtain.


Animatic is an enhanced version of the storyboard, as it demonstrates the storyboard's frame in an animated form. It was a crucial part of developing a flow between each frame. These were a simplified version of the animation.

Final Card Design for the Animation

Card Design

Card Design resembles each a different aspect of the book. The "Revolver" is a meaningful part of the story. The always watching eye indicates the "invisible observers", which are part of the story.

Sketched Designs

Card Sketch

The sketches were crucial as I had to illustrate sections of the book using semiotics. Therefore, we might notice the different resemblance of the same symbol, for example, "Jammer Device".

Sketched Designs 2

Animation Sketching

The initial animation sketching was supposed to define the art style. It included the scripting of the narration, art style, and typography for the overall outcome. I had to consider different approach on the final take.

Sketched Designs 3

Sound Design

The Sound Design was another step in creating a dark atmosphere of the dystopian metro. Thus, I have used a mechanic clock sound, which illustrates the temptation of time and darkness within the dark tunnels of the metro.

Bartek Wiatrek