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Beazley Design of the Year

Beazley Design of the Year, a premise was to deliver a visual identity for the 2019 - 2020 - 2021 Exhibition. As a group of junior Graphic Designers, we had to develop coherent visuals that engage people in participating in such event. The exhibition is about upvoting a possible best design of the year in six categories, which includes: Digital, Architecture, Transport, Graphics, Product and Fashion. We had to be meaningful as we had to deliver a transparent outcome that will suit each year.

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Team Work and Development

In a group of six people, we decided to deliver a clear message about current world problems, which are a transparent idea that would carry over each exhibition. Furthermore, each category of the exhibition would represent a different world problem. The current world problems are Economic Divide, Education Costs, Endangered Species, Famine, Pollution and Poverty. We wanted the exhibition to be spectacular, which would reflect on people. Therefore, we had created a dome, which would initially "refract" people's opinion on the world problem.

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Animation Sequence 1
Animation Sequence 1

Bartek Wiatrek