Hero Image Assignment Metaphor


During the "Max Payne" case study, I mentioned the transferable features, which I explained in detail in the journal. However, these transferable features are filmic features that enable adaptation of the game or movie between media. "The Last of Us" offers a "Hollywood" style experience toward narration with added gameplay mechanics, indicating that it is easier to translate into a movie than other games.

In the graphic design practice, I aimed to create something that could effectively demonstrate a common theme or feature present in both materials. I decided to focus on the bond relationship between Ellie and Joel, utilising the idea of "mold" in relation to the fungal pandemic that unfolds throughout the story.

The Morphing Poster

In addition to creating a poster, I also produced an animation comparing certain scenes from the game and TV series. The animation incorporates the growth of mold or fungus on a wall, gradually revealing the scenes.


The conclusion of this case study is that both the game and the movie share almost the exact same narration, with subtle differences. These differences may indicate a distinct approach by the director, who aimed to tell the same story but expand upon what had already been conveyed in the game.

The Concept Single Frame from Bond Animation
The Single Frame from Mold Animation One
The Single Frame from Mold Animation Two

Bartek Wiatrek