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Study Plan

In the proposal for Master's Part One, I outlined my intention to address four main features: 'The Concept,' 'The Moral,' 'The Study,' and 'The Fracture,' which I explained in detail in the 'Boundaries'.

I want video games to be viewed by people as not a mindless entertainment for young generations, but rather a new type of narration, where you can learn something, and be taught, and enjoy them as the movies, books, or comics. I aim to share my own experience of video games, as they have been a significant part of my life, and probably many others. There is an example infographic on how possibly the poster and visual identity might look, but it's a subject to change during the development.

Infographic Concept of Gender Percentage of Gamers Part One

'Master's Part One' was just an introduction to a bigger project that I am planning for 'Master's Part Two'.'The Concept' will be a main idea for the development of Master's Part Two. In this project, I will introduce video games to a wider audience through a visual campaign, creating a visual identity similar to the one presented in the 'Infographic', where I used a retro-style visual approach mixed with a modern idea of gaming.


User An example, I will develop a website, which will be an interactive comic, which will merge both comics, movies and games into one. In addition, I might think how I will adapt the idea into different media.

Interactive Website Concept Design
Age Statistic of Gamers
Gender Statistic of Gamers

Bartek Wiatrek