Hero Image Assignment Framing


"Max Payne," a game developed by Remedy Entertainment in 2001, was directed in the Neo-Noir genre by Sam Lake. The game represents a narrative of Neo-Noir in modern-day New York, featuring a dark and dense atmosphere combined with a monologue by the main character, taking a more conceptual and metaphoric approach to his journey.

The title character, "Max Payne," is a police detective who later joins the DEA department in pursuit of his own vendetta against anyone involved in the Valkyr drug-related business. Payne tries to uncover the mystery of a fateful night when he lost his wife and child at the hands of Valkyr drug addicts.

Max Payne Poster Redone
Valkyr Sign from Max Payne

Within the case study of "Max Payne," I aimed to compare the 2001 video game to the 2008 movie adaptation "Max Payne" by 20th Century Fox. The objectives of the case study were to highlight the differences between both adaptations. I decided to explore the reasoning behind and what defines each of the media respectively.


The movie and game vary, potentially indicating different directorial approaches. They had distinct visions for portraying the story, which I explained in detail within the Contextual Journal available here. As a design practice, I decided to create a mix of the movie and a comic book, incorporating the cutscenes from the game.

Concept Comic Panel
Final Comic Panel One
Final Comic Panel Two

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