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Game Industry vs. Movie Industry

The game industry shares intriguing features with other entertainment sectors, boasting its own conventions, exhibitions, and awards. For instance, 'The Game Awards' follows a format akin to the 'Oscars' or similar events. According to statistics, the industry has surpassed movies and other genres, targeting a wider spectrum of audience.

We are more familiar with faces from Hollywood, and we are noticing that actors from many countries are now taking part in video games as well, sharing their experiences as breathtaking. Especially with the current state of technology, it is not a problem to incorporate the exact look of an actor within the game.

The Game Awards Logo

Just like with 'Class B' movies, the game industry has its own sins. Sometimes corporations rush deadlines and decide to release a half-made product for pure profit.

Games in Overall

Games take on a new meaning when we can dive into and explore new worlds, meet new people, and share their experiences together as we control the story and their destiny. They have their artistic choices and delve into subtle philosophical questions about what is right and what is wrong, as morally, we are the ones behind the trigger.

Contextual Journal

Cyberpunk 2077 Screenshot of a glitch
Frame from Sin City Movie
Screenshot from The Last of Us storm landscape

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