Intel - Branding

Intel is not an ordinary brand, but a necessity in modern computing. Their premises is about giving an assurance to people about the quality of the product. Intel is an international technology company that supplies both professionals and ordinary people with premium processors. If you are a casual consumer, gamer, or professional Graphic Designer, Intel is a brand, which will assure performance for any computer build.

Animation Storyboard/Animatic


Intel Processor Search is a new tool for newcomers who are willing to buy an Intel Product, especially a brand new processor from Intel’s 10th Generation. A customer who would like to buy a new processor has to type in preferences or intentions that a CPU is going to be used. If a user types in a Graphic Design, a search will categorise the most appropriate processor for his profession.

The Intel’s Application for a Processor Search is an extension to accessibility for the vast majority of people. It will provide with necessary help for people who seek advice for appropriate processor based on their preferences

Women holding a phone and using a designed application mock-up
Phone Mock-Up Design with an Application
Motherboard with Intel CPU

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