Game Development

"Pushing myself out of my comfort zone", but what does that mean? I decided to develop a game using the Unreal Engine, not because I knew how to create a game from scratch, but rather, I knew nothing about the software or game development itself. The only experience I had was using the GTK Radiant software, which was heavily used as a mapping tool for old games before 2004. I had some basic knowledge on the aspect of mapping, whereas coding was not my thing. For that reason, I made a choice of using Unreal Engine instead of any other Game Engine as the software has a built in feature called "blueprints", which is a simplified version of coding.

Unreal Engine Logo

The "Game Development" Project is still a work in progress. The current progress can be seen at the Gallery Page, where I will constantly post an update on the game.

Game Description

The premise of the game is to be an adventure-based story set around an industrial/technical environment. The game features a "Mario Style Gameplay", to be precise, which we might notice via game asthetics. From a character's perspective, we play as John Premium, an IT guy making his way through countless of enemies. I decided to shift a focuse to a more settled and simplified version of the idea as I have set myself unreacheble goal as a sole person. I decided to go 2D instead of a 3D game.

The old version can be seen at the Gallery page.

Game Main Menu
Gameplay Screenshot
Settings Menu

Bartek Wiatrek