Nain Menu Screenshot

Main Menu

I decided to give a huge rework on the game as the original idea was to much to comprehend withouth a team. I will show few examples of the User Interface, which I had made during a rework.

Settings Menu Screenshot

Settings Menu

It's not an AAA title, so I decided to simplify settings and scrapped the control and gameplay settings. I think the video settings are enough for the scale of the project.

Pause Menu Screenshot

Pause Menu

Pause Menu has few functional buttons and is still a work in progress. The menu still needs a few minor bug fixes.

Instruction Menu Screenshot

Instruction Menu

Instead of creating the controls menu, I decided to give a simple widget with the key information.

Ingame Screenshot

In-Game Screenshot

I present an in-game screenshot of the game with the main character called John Premium. The story is yet to be created.

Photoshop Tile Map Screenshot

Photoshop Tile Map

I used Photoshop to carefully create each of the tiles that can be used for the map development of the game. The game is stylised on pixel art.

Asylum Level Design Screenshot

Asylum Legacy Design

Screenshot of the original idea for the game development project.

Legacy Video Gameplay

Video of the original idea for the game development project.

Bartek Wiatrek