The Difference

What can we do to make a difference? I am a person who decided to take action and make a difference in people. Our civilisation has faced a serious dilemma between what is good and what is bad. We wanted to make a balance to stop climate change, yet what we did? The time for action is now and have been since we were born. The rationale of this animation is to make an example and to give a consideration that climate change is a serious matter. We need to understand our behaviours to change every person on this planet as there is always a choice to make things better.

The Image of the interpretation on Climat Change

Micro and Macro

The Story is about ourselves and about giving an example before we will burn ourselves in flames. We are a society that forgets how to live together. Role model the society, as we are giving an example to affect people, and it is called sustainable living in a civilisation. We are an enhancement of storytelling as we are going to interpret its meaning. We are the ones to take responsibility for our auctions. Our Planet has suffered enough of our sins.

“We are the society, but we forget living.” “Role Model the society. Sustainable living."

Polluted Water
'Role Model the Society. Sustainable Living.' text over earth'
Half burned and half not affected earth

Bartek Wiatrek