The Main Image/Keyframe of the animation 'The Difference'


Branding was a secondary outcome out of the animation as the visuals worked perfectly as posters. Therefore, I have created a set of posters that would promote the animation.


Heartbeat resembles the ongoing time and life span of our planet that will sooner or later run out. A meaningful metaphor as I had presented the Earth as a normal human being.

First part of the Storyboard

Storyboard - Paragraph A

To represent the Earth's Ecosystem and how I could promote sustainable living is to demonstrate a macro as a micro. A human as micro and the earth as a macro.

Second part of the Storyboard

Storyboard - Paragraph B

The actions that we take will result in an echoing, for example, we through the rubbish that might cause the death of dozens of sea animals. We resemble the action and a cause.

Third part of the Storyboard

Storyboard - Paragraph C

It's about our actions to prevent these situations to happen. We need to support people that are willing to stop climate change.


The animatic would help to understand a flow between frames before a final piece is put together. I had minor changes that I decided to use for a final cut.

Animation Experiment A

The experimentations were important as I had to create a dark atmosphere of climate change. This one resembles a water glitch.

Animation Experiment B

That is a showcase of how brutal climate change might be if we will not participate in any action against it. We are responsible for the future generation of earth.

Bartek Wiatrek