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It all started as a newspaper...

It all started as a newspaper in the beginning but quickly ended up becoming a magazine that we can view now. While at work, I was responsible for the layout of the newspaper launch for the Chichester Life Community. As time passed, I was asked to create a layout for the Magazine as a what-if scenario and how it would look. The what-if scenario, frankly speaking, became a real-life scenario, and eventually, I was responsible for designing both editions for November and February. Both editions can be seen at chichesterlife.co.uk.

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Newspaper Layout

It was a great journey that without a dedicated team of journalists and David Powell, the CEO of Chichester Life, would not happen.

Chichester Life Magazine

Chichester Life Magazine was always about catching a feel of the community, and with its friendly layout, I was able to develop a consistent and user-friendly design that result in positive feedback from the community.

Magazine Edition One Cover
Magazine Edition Layout
Magazine Edition Layout 2

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