Hero Image Assignment Metaphor

Primary Metaphor

Primary metaphors are part of our surroundings as they are intuitive tools that imply how we perceive certain objects. The roots of primary metaphor come from our understanding of the world as we had explored it as infants. Every human explores their environment at the early stages of life, mainly followed by the fact of curiosity. The same inquisitiveness will follow us throughout the years as we are going to look for our place in society.

The concept is a belief in what exists. The concept of the chair is to serve merely a singular purpose. The chair is made so that we can rest our legs from standing, yet the concept may vary from culture to culture. We can always sit with crossed legs and not use a chair. What would we do without a chair? The best conjecture would be that people will use a replacement or perhaps as simple as sitting on a floor, as previously mentioned, cross-legged.

The Concept Poster

The Concept is about how people can differentiate from one another if we consider the point of view. Even a slightly altered thought is able to cause a series of radical decisions, which would lead to an argument among society, who disagree with the opposite’s agenda. The upside-down image of a concept is about how people could mirror one another opinions, as previously mentioned. They might remain different, and the pot plant on a chair is that slight difference from the originality of the original chair. It changes a value based on the person and their thoughts as it is about judgment and critical thinking of the given argument.


The typography is about the opinion of people. I call this artwork a ‘Void’ because it is about the form, about merging the opinion. From the facts, we create an argument from arguments, we share thoughts, and we have beliefs, and thus merging everything together, we create an opinion that could gain influence from other thoughts. Everything has a start, and it begins with the void. The grey area represents being neutral to the subject, and colour identification represents very opinion of people and how they might differ into opposing directions.

The Concept Poster Two
Dispersion Poster
Shattered Poster

Bartek Wiatrek