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White Racial Frame

The “White Racial Frame” project has set us to discover a Racial Frame, which is a representation of ethnic groups in a particular area, which could be movies, podcasts, or any other subject, where racism may be present. As part of my “Racial Frame” project, I have chosen to conduct research on the portrayal of race in video games, with a specific focus on analysing the Grand Theft Auto series.

The Grand Theft Auto Series is known for its controversial style of narration. Most protagonists of the series share a criminal past, despite their skin colour, which is due to the series’ nature. The series delivers stories across different criminal underworlds, and each protagonist of the corresponding game demonstrates distinct traits and characteristics. Radio Podcast within a video game is most notable for its satire and controversial topics.

GTA 3 Prologue

On the other hand, we need to admit that the Grand Theft Auto series consists of various cliché and stereotypes applied to every ethnic and racial group, which includes whites, Asians, Italians, afro-Americans etc. Each of the groups is portrayed in a more criminal fashion, as Asians tend to be associated with Chinese triads and Italians with mafia crime families, each game representing a specific time period and city. The inspiration for Liberty City comes from New York, and we can see elements from the Godfather movies reflected in the story of Grand Theft Auto III.

Research Conduct

We must admit that the Racial Frame might exist in series such as Grand Theft Auto but is highly notable that this is due to the nature of the game itself, and we cannot unify the game industry based merely on this series. From the counting standpoint, there is still a visible racial frame, where white characters have the majority of the cast in opposition to other ethnicities. The outcome of the research is presented within the Contextual Book and the Presentation below.

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GTA Vice City - Mission Scene
GTA V - Hood Safari Mission Scene
GTA San Andreas - Mission Scene

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