Hero Image Assignment Framing

Frame Theory

We are surrounded by objects that we often tend to ignore, and sometimes, we do not even notice their importance. It’s like a background noise that is being muted by our brains. The fan in the office makes a humming sound, but we ignore the sound and focus on our duties. In everyday routine, we use objects naturally, with an instinct, like a phone. We are aware of their purpose, and they become part of our life that we do not give a second thought. How could we repurpose that object? Yet, how simple is it to destroy something indirectly?

Metaphors are a primary tool of a Graphic Designer. I tried to figure out the use of an object in a more metaphoric way, which later ended up being a “bottleneck” phrase, which relates to the neck of a bottle, and the bottleneck of a system.

Oversimplified Poster
Shrinkneck Image

Everything has its own story that is written by ourselves, but a designer has to visualise his thoughts, and through design, he has to make people understand the idea by looking at the artwork. I represented the bottle shape using typography and bottleneck phrases. Over the neck, there is a red cross indicating that the ideal disruption of the bottle would be to remove a bottleneck. Removing a bottleneck, such action will impact the use of the bottle; the bottle no longer serves the purpose of drinking, making it more difficult.

The Bottleneck

Removing a bottleneck is one way to disrupt an object; shrinking the neck, making it difficult to pour a liquid in or out; enlarging the bottleneck, and making if harder to drink. It was like a creative loop with no where to go. The 3D Model gave the possibility to simulate a disruption of the object. I decided to create two variants of a bottle in a disruptive form: by shrinking and enlarging the neck.

Bottleneck Poster
Bottle 3D Model One
Shrinkneck Poster

Bartek Wiatrek