Hero Image Design Museum
3D Model of Bottleneck

Framing an Object

The 3D Model helped me to disrupt and illustrate an object in its dysfunctional form. I wanted to simulate how I would visualise a bottleneck idea.

3D Model of Bottleneck - Variation

The Bottleneck

With the bottleneck idea, I decided to create two bottles with shrank and enlarged necks, which would capture the reframing of the bottle.

Dispersion Poster Initial

Primary Metaphor

Using the letter S, I tried to illustrate how different opinions might change and differ in opposing directions as they shift based on different arguments. The letter form shows the nature of the primary metaphor and captures the meaning of dispersion.

Dispersion Poster Final

The S - (Dispersion)

To improve upon the idea, I used the statistic from the Britain Divided and the actual survey responses, which has been colour coded into the design, whereas the grey area represents a "Void", a no-opinion spectrum.

GTA III - Character Ratio

White Racial Frame in GTA III

The dominant ethnicity in the game is Italian, which plays a significant part in the game’s story. We can assume that the characters are still mainly white, with only a few black characters being part of the game. The game consists of 19 white characters and only 4 black characters. Further information can be seen on the Racial Frame page.

GTA IV - Character Ratio

White Racial Frame in GTA IV: BoGT

The game took a huge step back in comparison to GTA San Andreas (as seen on the presentation) as it reduced the number of black characters to only two, and in comparison, there are 21 white characters within the storyline, which is a significant reduction. Further information can be seen on the Racial Frame page.

Bartek Wiatrek