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Video Games are constantly expanding media, where its main focus is entertainment and engaging people in the new style of storytelling, where we engage as characters. During the first part of my Masters project, I want to undertake four small projects that will focus on video games. The specifics of the project will be informative and researched based as I want to explore the concept of what video games are for people and how to introduce them to newcomers.

The Masters Part 1 will introduce a series of projects that will relate to the topics of video games, and I will explain each project on two-page slides in detail. The “Masters Part 1” will consist of series of small projects. Over the years, I heard many accusations in different types of media that “playing video games will make you a murderer”, as referring to the infamous Grand Theft Auto series, but this is a false statement. This false accusation was a spark to create an informative piece across Masters Part One and Two to demonstrate that games are a new generation of media, like films and books.

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The Concept - Informative:
- I will explain in detail what Video Games are and create informative media, which could be posters, video presentations, or infographics.
- The Moral - Ethics:
- I will explain the ethics of Video Games, what might be considered too controversial, and explain the Rating System and banned games across generations.
- The Study - Comparison:
- I will compare Video Games to other media of storytelling, which will include movies and books and how they compare to each other.
- The Fracture - Stereotype
- I will explain the portrayal of video games in modern society, as the older generations tend to associate video games with something bad.


The Proposal is to create an informative design or campaign that would inform about the previously mentioned four aspects of video games across Master Part One and Two. The further explanation of the sub-project is explained within the presentation below.

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Far Cry 3 - Vaas Fight Scene
Manhunt 2 - Brutal Kill Scene
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Airport Scene

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