Bartłomiej Wiatrek

I am a BA Graphic Design (2:1) graduate from Arts University Bournemouth with a strong interest in motion graphics, including Kinetic Typography and 2D Animations, as well as using Adobe After Effects. I have developed a strong visual portfolio whilst at University and Freelancing.
As a Freelancer, I had worked with a variety of clients, where I have been building a strong relationship with a customer via constant communication and feedback. The experience engaged me to become less reliable solely on my skills but instead be successful and productive through the engagement with a client, and now I am looking for a Junior Graphic Designer roles within Agency.

Image of myself - Bartek Wiatrek


• September 2022 - Present - Arts University Bournemouth - Master of Arts in Graphic Design

• June 2020 - Arts University Bournemouth - Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Graphic Design

• June 2017 - Richard Taunton Sixth Form College - Graphic Communication/Photography

Work Experience

• September 2020 - August 2021 - Freelance Graphic Designer

• September 2021 - February 2022 - Adobe InDesign Specialist at Chichester Life

• June 2022 - Present - Sales Consultant at Next


Technical: • Adobe Suite • Microsoft Office Apps • GTK Radiant (Mapping) • Unreal Engine (Mapping) • HTML/CSS

Professional: • Time Management • Creativity • Copywriting • Critical Thinking • Thinking Outside of the Box • Adapting to a Change in a Workplace

Communication: • English - Advanced Level • Polish - Advanced Level • Team Communication • Client/Customer Relation

Other: • Driving Licence - Category B

Bartek Wiatrek